Saturday, November 1, 2008

What A Smile Can Get You!

An interesting encounter happened to me earlier this week at the grocery store that reminded me about a show I heard on XM radio about a week ago. The subject of the show: smiling. The host was wondering why people just don't smile anymore. Is it because of too much stress or unhappiness? The host went on to say that she tries smiling even when she is angry, miserable, upset, unhappy and/or depressed. And it makes a world of difference in her outlook for the day.

So, of course, I tried it. I sometimes get comments like; "you look mean, you look sad, you look angry or you look depressed." You can imagine my reaction, if I could boot people, I would. But, I'm in a different place now, so I'm trying the smiling thing. Let me tell you, it works. I wasn't a smiling fool by any means, that's just not me. But, if someone looks at me, I smile and in some cases, I say, "Hello." People's reactions are awesome. A couple of them did ignore me, but it didn't change my outlook for the day.

Now, let me share the "encounter" I wrote about earlier that happened at the grocery story. Here is what smiling can, also, get you. A guy was shopping and his cart was blocking the aisle. As I was going around the guy, I smiled at him and said, "excuse me." You know what his replied was, "oh, oh, I'm sorry I'm married." I replied back, "What? Ok, good for you." As I rolled my cart to the end of the aisle, I realized what he said. I turned around, looked at the guy and started laughing. The guy turned beet red, speed up and rounded the corner.

Try smiling today and see what happens to you!


Mark salinas said...

Ahh yes a smile! It is very interesting how one responds to a smile. One thing for certain....they are more likely to respond positively. Funny story at the grocery store! :)

Silicon Valley Diva said...

Ha ha! Kinda sad, isn't it? I agree though, a smile does wonders. Heck, you probably gave this guy (albeit short-lived) ego boost:-)
Great post!

Anonymous said...

It makes everyone wonder what you are thinking!
Oh and it takes more muscles to frown, then it does to smile.
Make your life just a lil' easier.

Carole said...

What a great story! I'm going to have to pass that one on.... : )

Rosyblue said...

@Mark Salinas - Thank you!!!

@silicon valley diva - Thank you! As far as the guy, who knows, I thought he was in his own world.

@strong one - Thank you!!!

@carole - Thank you!!!

Holly Hoffman said...

That is too freakin' hilarious! Hey, maybe he was interested too and needed to throw that out there to fend off temptation. LOL I'm gonna try that at the grocery store from now on.