Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Proposition 8 and Barrack Obama

California has always been known for it's progressive views, it's liberal views. Yet, on the same night that the United States elected it's first black president, California passed a proposition that would ban same sex marriages (Proposition 8). We overwhelmingly voted for better conditions for our animals (Proposition 2), yet the yes vote won to ban same sex marriage. I don't understand, especially since over 61% voted for Barrack Obama in California. That begs the question, how many voters voted for Barrack Obama but voted yes on Proposition 8? It's seems so hypocritical to me. How can you say you want change, when you don't support civil rights for all???

In 2000, voters voted not to recognize same sex marriages (Proposition 22). Opponents for this proposition took it to the California Supreme Court and on May 15, 2008, ruled that Proposition 22 violated the States' Constitution. That was awesome, same sex couples were able to marry once again. Then, I heard about Proposition 8, I thought here we go again. We take one step forward and two steps back.

America, California, when are we going to get it right?


Silicon Valley Diva said...

My thoughts exactly Rosy. It just is unfathomable to me. Such a contradiction.

I ranted this morning about the passing of prop 8 also; for once, I feel ashamed to be a Californian!

Well done.

mark said...

Very confused at some of the thoughts that go through these minds! Nice post Rosy!

Rosyblue said...

@silicon valley diva - Thank you!!!

@mark - Thanks you!!!

Monica said...

I wrote exactly the same words "2 steps forward,1 step back"

I don't know what needs to happen before we can JUST move forward, already!