Monday, July 27, 2015

Project Rosy

It's serious when I jump out of bed, drink my water (I always keep a glass bottle filled with water by my bedside), and take my measurements. You know measuring my belly, arms, thighs, and hips. I have always struggled with motivating myself to exercise consistently. And I go through spells of eating crap. Otherwise, I'm a poster child for clean and healthy eating.

I have decided that today is it. I had it. A new adventure is starting for me! Project Rosy!
That's right, I have been reading how your most important project will always be yourself. So, I'm jumping right on it. It took me a little over 90 days to quit biting my nails. So, I know that in order to form a great habit or discontinue a bad one, I need to invest some serious time.

And I'm ready. I'm ready to change my thinking to feel great about myself inside and out.

Project Rosy - Part 1

Starting today, July 27th, I promise to invest time to do the following:

1. Meditate (I practice Transcendental Meditation). Sadly, I haven't been consistent with it.
2. Drink Water, at least 1 to 2 cups as follows:
    a. As soon as, I jump out of bed.
    b. Right before I shower.
    c. During and after exercise.
    d. 30 minutes before meals.
3. Read at least two chapters a day. Sadly, I have been struggling with reading consistently.
4. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

I know that there is more to be done but I don't want to overwhelm myself. This is a good start. My goal is to continue to add to the list.

Project Rosy has begun! Cheers!