Monday, September 27, 2010

The rock band, Muse, and the Law of Attraction!

One of my favorite bands of all-time is MUSE! I mean, I totally bore my friends and family (who aren't on Twitter or Facebook) about Muse. And, of course, I bore my Twitter and Facebook peeps with my love of MUSE! In fact, I was completely shocked when my cousin, Martha, asked, "who is Muse?" I thought, "HELLO!" Anyway, back to my post.

For months, I have been telling my friends and family that I was going to see Muse perform for the first time in Los Angeles. When I knew the date that Muse was playing in Los Angeles, I started to telling everyone that I will be at the September 25th concert. Here the problem, I didn't have tickets and I made no attempt to buy the tickets. But, deep in my heart, I was going, no matter WHAT!

September 23rd arrives, I'm thinking OMG, MUSE SATURDAY the 25th - I WILL BE THERE! Saturday morning arrives, with no tickets in hand, I log on to ticketmaster. I attempt to purchase two tickets to MUSE. AND my tickets were available, but it said, "limited view." I didn't care because as long as I was there and listening to my band.

I happily got ready to see my band. I drive up to the Staples Center (where the Lakers play). I go in and I'm shown to my seat. OMG, the stage is right in front me. I mean I have NO ONE IN FRONT OF ME. The problem, there is a huge curtain. I'm thinking, "is this what ticketmaster meant by limited view?" Goodness, the opening band is Passion Pit, I could hear them, but not see them. I stayed positive and said, "I'm going to see Muse!" I did finally see the band, Passion Pit, as they were finishing up. You see I realized then that I was by the soundboard. How cool is that!

All around me, people were complaining, "I can't believe ticketmaster sold tickets... what are we going to see... this is b.s." And it goes on and on, but I stayed positive. I said, "I'm going to see MUSE!"

Suddenly, it gets dark and I knew my band was coming up. The intro started, imagines on the curtain. The images continues for about three minutes, then the music for song, Uprising, begins. And The CURTAIN FALLS!!! The stage is five to six feet in front of me. I CAN see the bands' faces! I'm so close that I can see the expressions on their faces and every detail of their clothing. OMG, I knew this was going to happen, I knew I was going to see MUSE. As I jumped and danced to the song, I thought, "the law of attraction is working for me once again!" Going to this concert, I was reminded I need to believe in me, believe that I can do it, believe that I can make. I will forever think of my band, Muse, with a big smile face.

I attached a video of the opening of the concert. (BTW, my seat was left hand side of the stage.) VIVA the LAW OF ATTRACTION- ALWAYS BELIEVE!!!
p.s. I, also, watched Kate Hudson leave the soundboard. She's dating the leading singer.