Monday, May 25, 2009

Hey, I'm Being ME!

Lately I have been feeling guilty for just being me. Isn't that silly? I mean usually I can take it but lately every little comment is bothering me. I think it stems from my feeling the blahs. Let me tell you about me:

*I live in Los Angeles, California- to me, it's the best city. I was born and raised in Los Angeles. I proud of this fact. Besides, it's warm and sunny most of the time.

*I love sports-I,especially, love my Steelers, I love the Lakers, I love U.C.L.A. basketball , I love U.S.C. /U.C.L.A. football, in fact, I love all L.A. based teams and I will, also, cheers for All California Teams (unless they are playing against my L.A. teams). What can I say, as Randy Newman says, "I love L.A.!" I love Michael Jordan-I can still watch an old video of him playing and I still get chills. I love Secretariat, the race horse, such a beautfiul horse who just crush everyone around him.

*I love to read-I read anything and everything I can. "You never know where the big ideas may come from."Tess McGill-Working Girl.

*I'm a loyal friend till the end, just ask my best friend of 21 years.

*Oh, I talk a lot. That's because I have a lot to say. And, most importantly, I listen. And I want to engage in conversations. I love getting to know people. After all, we are in this world together.

*I am a student of health and fitness. I can talk about health all day long. I find the inside and function of the human body fascinating.

*I love to learn new things. I'm self taught at a lot of things. If I ask a question and I don't get the answer, no sweat- I will find the answer somehow.

*I love make-up, clothes and shoes. I love wearing skirts-hello, floral, pleated, a-line! I get excited over the new shades of lipgloss every season. I love great bags with matching wallets, of course. I love shoes-don't mind spending money, because I always get my wear out of them. And if I like a trendy shoe, I go to payless or target to buy a knock off.

*I love music. I love all kinds of music; from classical to rap (old school rap that is) to techno. Music makes me happy, makes me dance. How can anyone be in a bad mood after listening to good music!

*And most importantly, I'm excited if you are excited. Seriously, that's the truth.

And that in a nut shell is who I am, I'm just being ME! Life is just too short. I've come a long way-I had a choice to either be miserable or to be happy. I think I made the right decision. As Baruch Spinoza says, "What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness." So no more will I be bothered by people's comments, why??? Because I'm Rosy!