Thursday, March 21, 2013

One Eye Rosy

There was an organization change at work. No big deal, it happens, I work for a huge company so I understand. I'm learning all sort of new things. That's awesome, keeps my brain flowing.

Almost two weeks ago, daylight savings time kick in. With the organizational and time change, I am  messed up, can't get it together in the mornings. And the funny thing is, I am a morning person. I worry that I'm not catching on as fast as I should, given my experience.

Well, this week took the cake, took it's toll, I drove in to work later than normal and with one eye done. I forgot to apply makeup to my left eye. I didn't even know it. And this after visiting the ladies room several times in the morning. A coworker did ask if I was ok. I think she must have looked at my face and realized something was off. I took a break and went to my car. Before leaving my car, I check my hair and realized, OMG, no make up on the right eye. I quickly went to my desk and pulled out my purse from the drawer. I opened it, only to realize I forgot my makeup bag at home. I sat there and LAUGHED. Why not, I was One Eye Rosy. Goodness, life always finds a way of telling me, "see slow down, it will be just fine."

As I drove home, I started to laugh. Why not, just another crazy adventure for me. Ha-ha!!!

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