Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Believe In the Good in ME!

When I wake up in the morning, I say to myself, "today is going to be a good day." And I mean it. I want nothing better than to have a great day full of laughter and joy. Most of the time, my days are good.

I have learned that each day is different. I don't fight the change, I flow with it. I see the potential in things. I see the joy in everything- well, I try.

If I have a bad day, I flow with it. I'm trying to see if I can learn from it.

I laugh every day. I remember something funny that was once said either from a friend or from family. I used to feel guilty for laughing on my days filled with sorrow, if that makes any kind of sense. But, now I know that I need to flow with it. If I want to laugh, I will. If I want to cry, I will. If I want to scream, I will.

Why? Because, I believe in the good in me... Thank you Patti Digh.

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Donna J said...

I believe in the good in you too! I've had a couple of bad days in a row...reflecting and seeing what I can learn from them. Thanks for confirming I'm not abnormal.